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How can I buy a CSGO skin?

  1. Go to the CSGO offer listing page and choose the skin you want to purchase by clicking on "Buy Now".
  2. Insert your trade URL on the checkout page and click on "Secure Checkout".
  3. Proceed with your payment on PlayerAuction's Payment Center.
  4. Once you're payment is complete, you will be redirected to PlayerAuctions and you should see a message saying that your order has been confirmed.
  5. Go on Steam and accept the trade offer sent to you by one of our trading bot.
  6. That's it! The skin is now in your inventory.

If you declined the trade offer or forgot to respond to it before it expired, go to your order list page and click on "View details" for your order.  A new page will load and you should see a button "Resend offer". Click that button and you will receive a new trade offer on Steam.

If your trade URL isn't valid anymore or if you wish to send the skins to another Steam account, you can update your trade URL on this page.

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