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Contacting Other Members

How can I contact another member?

PlayerAuctions provides convenient contact methods for members to communicate with each other for the purpose of offer inquiries and order completion. These communication methods include the use of our onsite messaging system, and support for direct member to member communication through a variety of popular mediums. To protect the security and privacy of our members, we have also applied rules governing the situations that communication may occur.

Onsite messages (through PlayerAuctions)

To maintain an environment of security and privacy, onsite messages must always be sent to another member for an authorized purpose. Therefore, when sending an onsite message to another member, it must be done through an offer or order. Specifically, the onsite messaging system may only be used to contact other members when:

You are inquiring about an active offer he/she has created

You are replying to a message sent by another member about an active offer you have created

You are referring to a closed offer you or the other member created an order from

You are referring to an active or closed order you have with the other member

You are replying to a message sent by another member within the past 30 days

To send an onsite message, please see the offer or order you wish to contact the other member about. There, you will find a link to easily contact them. After your message is sent, we will notify the other member through his/her registered e-mail address.

For security purposes, all messages that are sent through our onsite message system are permanently recorded. For this reason, we strongly recommend all important agreements communicated between members to be conducted through this method. Doing so can aid as evidence in the event that a dispute arises. Any communication between members through other methods will not be considered in the event of a dispute.

Offsite messages (direct member to member communication)

We understand that buyers and sellers often prefer the convenience of directly coordinating the non-important details of a delivery but messages containing personal contact information -- such as email addresses, Skype ID's, phone numbers, etc. -- are not permitted.

These policies are in place to facilitate a safe, fair, and enjoyable trading environment for all members. Messages in violation of our offsite trading policies may be removed from our site without warning and can result in a loss of honors and suspension, or permanent closure of your account.

For your own security, please avoid making any agreements with other members through offsite messages. Any communication sent directly between members will not be considered in the event of a dispute.

How do I send an onsite message? 
To send an onsite message, you may do any of the following:
Click the “Ask buyer/seller a question” link on an offer detail page.
Write a new message and manually enter the Offer or Order ID.
Reply to a message sent by another user in your inbox.
You may check for any new messages that may have been sent to you in your inbox.

What if I can't contact the other member or he/she didn't reply?
To further protect our members’ privacy and security, members may only contact each other under certain conditions on PlayerAuctions. In the event that you cannot contact another member, please first ensure that your situation fits within the guidelines explained in how to contact another member.

Offer Inquires
If you tried to contact another member regarding an active offer and have not received any reply from him/her, we recommend that you to select another offer from a different member. Buyers should always make sure to check the seller’s online availability and reputation before an order is created.

Order Inquiries
If you have attempted to contact another member through the onsite messaging system and/or the direct contact information he/she has provided, but are still unable to get a reply, please double-check the following:
The other member's contact information
Ensure that you have accurately used the other member's contact information. His/her direct contact information can be found from the order detail page of an active order, if he/she has chosen to share them. If you contacted the member through the PlayerAuctions onsite messaging system, you may check for his/her reply in your inbox.
Your contact information
The other member may have successfully received your inquiry but might be unable to contact you back. Ensure that your contact information is always complete, accurate, and up-to-date to avoid miscommunication delays. Also be sure to check your junk mail box and email spam filter settings.
After checking the basics above, if you are still unable to contact another user about an active order and:
If the order is within the delivery guarantee:
Don't panic. Please provide the other member the full duration of the delivery guarantee to respond.
Please kindly continue to wait patiently and give the other member more time to make contact.
If the delivery guarantee has expired:
Again, don't panic. Oftentimes in this situation, the order may shortly be completed, and we encourage you to keep trying to contact the other member.
In the event that you can no longer extend your patience for the other member to respond, you may now cancel the order without penalty. Buyers may cancel the order automatically through the order details page, and receive a refund on the next business day. Sellers will need to contact us to cancel the order penalty-free.
If the order is under Dispute Resolution:
Still, don't panic. If the other member does not follow up on the dispute within 72 hours, you will automatically win the dispute.

How can I find out when another member is online?
You may find the days and hours another member is available for delivery on their personal "Store" page. To find their "Store" page, please do an advanced search by their username.
Each member is solely responsible for the accuracy of his/her delivery availability claims. PlayerAuctions provides this information as a tool to help our members coordinate deliveries, and does not confirm any availability claims by a member.
Please also note that these details are often provided on a general basis. We encourage you to check a member's reputation for an indication of the accuracy and reliability of his/her delivery availability.

What if a member isn't available at the time he/she specified?
First, don't panic. This sort of situation happens. While each member is solely responsible for the accuracy of his/her delivery availability, in some instances, it may not be perfectly accurate.
Be sure to check to see if the order is still within its delivery guarantee. Some users may only be available for delivery during the last moments of the delivery guarantee. In either case, we suggest that you continue your attempts to contact the other member.
If you still are unable to contact the other member, or he/she has not yet replied within a reasonable time from your last attempt, please see instructions for how to handle a situation where another member doesn't reply.
To best avoid situations like these, we recommend that buyers first contact the seller before creating an order to double confirm the delivery time.

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